About Us


Entered the maritime industry with its Viaport Marina investment in 2020

It was founded in Istanbul in 2019 by Coşkun Bayraktar, who continued his contribution to maritime with the International Boat Show Land and Sea Fairs he organized.

Vision F Yachting, developing the boats of dreams with a vision of the future, launched its first boat “Vision F 80” in November 2020. Tuzla Viaport Marina, which is an important place in maritime, is the center.

Vision F Yachting continues its production at the Shipyard in Yalova.
Despite being an incipient at the boat building industry, Vision F is preparing to launch 2 more models thanks to its strong finance, and continues to work with its expert teams to become one of the most important boat builders of the future.


Pleasant… Strong… Comfortable…

VISION F YACHTS first boat is a Catamaran, included in the motor yacht category, “the Vision F 80”. unlike the usual, is a complete family boat. The boat, which has 4 cabins, 1 master, 3 guests and 2 employees, offers comfort and beautiful design together with its 45 square meter saloon. Vision F, which has an aluminium structure, stands out as the most assertive boat of the fair with a length of 80 feet. Making you feel the power with 2 Penta IPS 800 motors, Vision F 80 offers easy admission to all coves with its 0.80 draft.